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>> this is the fox report. >> his mother insisting he's innocent. >> i am like 1 money% sure that this is a set-up. >> tonight, hearing from his family. plus what we now know about the stand-off that brought him to justice. and the shootout that terrified
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a neighborhood. >> i was thinking just to keep my faith. >> after the bomb, the shooting, the lockdown and the chaos. now the recovery. [ cheers and applause ] , you can beat us up, but we'll get back up again and that's it. that's how we do it around here. >> tonight boston bounces back. >> that is first on fox this saturday night. we're waiting to hear whether the department of justice files charges against the only surviving suspect in the boston marathon attack. we have an image that shows the suspect at the boat where police captured him after yesterday's intense gunfight. other photos from a massachusetts state police show the boat during the stand-off. and in the lower left of your screen, you can see a police
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vehicle with some sort of probe extended. yesterday we told you how police were using a thermal imaging camera to check out what the suspect was doing. and here is a photo from that camera. you can see it shows the suspect apparently lying down at the bottom of that boat. the shootout in watertown left a 19-year-old in serious condition. a spokmafor the bureau alcohol, tobacco and firearms says the suspect has gunshot wounds to his neck and leg. the teen-ager now at beth israel medical center, a lot of police there guarding condition tonight? >> we just heard from the u.s. attorney's office. the suspect is in serious but stable condition here with multiple injuries. we are told one of those injuries came from the first
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shoot out. the second injury could have come from there and they haven't told us it is from there but the more recent one is from last night. there are guards in every entrance and exit. anybody that gets into the facility of beth israel is supposed to have purses and bags checked. >> is there a plan for charging him? >> they have not yet filed charges. we are told they could come he is in a hospital bed. they have a team of investigators ready to question him. they are literally on stand by. we saw investigators come out and car parked here last evening after the suspect brought here. we saw them leave, we know there are investigators here and they're not saying much of
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anything as the investigation continues, shepherd. >> it is it a nail-biting stand off unfolded on live television around the world. we could only hear gunshots ands and choppers over head. we are getting a second-by-second story how it went down from the officers who lived it now the audio from the police radio. >> we have a report from watertown of 67 franklin street, there is a boat with blood on it and believe someone is in the blood. >> yeah, where at. okay? we are hearing there is somebody in the rear. let's gret the perimeter around 67 franklin. >> there is a hole. >> can we get the chopper out of here. >> we have. yeah.
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i have the owner of the house here and he said there is a body in the boat. >> we know that. that is where can can we are surrounding the boat. we are waiting for the -- he poked a hole. we have a person in the boat. a party trying to poke a hole in the boat. live party in the boat confirmed. >> yeah, we have the boat surrounded here from all corners. we have a tactical. we can see him poking a hole now in the boat. yeah, everyone stand off of the air. off of the air. shots fired.
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we have multiple shots fired here. everyone hold their fire. hold their fire. >> all units hold your fire. >> we have a tactical team going to the rear of the house to approach the boat. okay, no one fire in here. we are putting dummy rounds in the boat. they are dummy rounds fired in the boat so everybody hold fire. you will hear dummy rounds going into the boat. hold your fire. >> all units hold your fire. dummy rounds into the boat. >> there is going to be gas deployed and firing gas in the boat. all units be advised gas going into the boat. >> 9:03. state police is putting the standard rim on the front of the armor and make their way
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in the back yard and try to rip the top off of the top of the boat. be aware of this. if they are able to successfully rip that off he will be fully explosed. anybody on the perimeter be aware of cross fire situations. >> be advised f.b.i. possible launching a device. stand by. nftd device and do not return fire. it is a flash bang. >> all units don't return fire. there might be a flash back. don't return fire. >> no further movement at this time. >> no mother movement in the boat at this time. >> we have him on his back. his arm is blood and he brought it back down. heap's on the left side of the boat looking at it from the driveway.
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>> he's on the left side of the boat. >> the boat. >> his head to the left of the boat when you are looking at the boat from the driveway. his head is at the left. >> hold. i am not sure if they will work their way on the boat again. i don't want you on top of the boat while they are doing anything. >> we'll meet you. >> keep an eye on the garage. >> he's in custody. >> he's in custody. suspect is inody. subject is in custody. >> good job, gentlemen. >> and with that, the day of fear all over the region over. mike to bin 10 mimes out've boston what is the scene
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tonight? >> shepherd, people in this neighborhood are getting out and looking at the aftermath of the manhunt that ended in a blaze of gunfire right here. >> we grabbed our phones and cam ras and started recordings and within a couple of second and they opened up fire and massive artillery and it so loud. we were four houses down and we are right there on top of it we kept the film roling and kind of ducked down a little bit. >> bob glatz shot that video. he like many people didn't feel ever comfortable as the emergency lock down had lifted. they felt like there could be a threat. they are giving in to their own curosity and recording this bit of history, shep. >> mike, thank you. wednesday night, the suspect
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working out in a gym, hanging out and partying. that's accord toth report of the boston globe. the student said he saw him in a party wednesday night and he was just relaxed. relaxed days after he was said to have attacked the boston marathon. thousands of investigators hunted for his brother and him. the school evacuated the campus after the school realized that the suspect was a student. officers were very careful with approaching the boat. we are learning about the deadly arsnil as the two brothers tried to make a desperate escape. we'll get more from the head journalist of fox news . what do you think?
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>>ital yent guts and glory, that's how the police cef described the officer that
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captured the terrorist attack. it lasted more than an hour. with us now is the chief himself live from wattwatt. chief, congratulation and thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> i listened wh great interest before the take down we down. you were saying we didn't have the manpower to lock the place down. apparently you did. >> yeah, as it turns out we block perimeter, it didn't talk long to get the guy. >> it didn't seem like he was able to do much moving at all. do you know if he all day or if that boat was srched in advance. >> that boat was outside of our 20 block perimeter. what we had set up and thought we had him pinned down 1:30 a.m. that morning, we just
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missed it and didn't get the perimeter as wide as we needed to do . so that's what caused that shot. >> and i wonder if governor patrick happened around 7 o'clock lifted that order to stay in place if you would have found him alive? >> that's a good question. you know, we had asked our community to be diligent and respect our shelter in place and that's what that gentlemen did. he did not even leave his house at all even to go in his back yard until we told him it was okay by six can be o'clock. we had respond had our bad guy pinned down. wemented to make sure we did it safely as possible for the neighborhood and all of the officers involved. >> last thing you needed was somebody else hurt. >> did he say anything or communicate in any way?
4:16 pm
>> no. we tried to talk to him and we were in 15 or 20 minutes of hard negotiation and making demands of him and he did not respond. we had put some flash bangs in to the boat to get him to cooperate and all he ended up doing in the end meeting our demand and pulling his hands free and showing himself and lifting his shirt. >> so he was able to lift his shurt -- shirt. he was not uncushious. >> right. hum. well, because of that, i wonder what kind of shape you thought he was in? >> we knew he had serious injuries from the gun fight at 12:30 a.m.. the car he abandoned had blood stains and we did a search inside of the perimeter. we found ape house where there
4:17 pm
a pool of blood or a circle of blood. we knew he was losing blood but didn't know how extense itch his injuries. chief, you are not a large department andim guessing after the bombing. the last thing you would have thought was this. and it is boston cambridge and we had our share of incidents. >> i hope the men and women and the community are -- it is a gun fight at 12:25 with my officers and the bad guys. and they're exchanged.
4:18 pm
it would be beyond heroic . it is amazing . we can give them talent and training. but the determination they had to survive that is incredible to me. >> there is a memorial going on right now, chief and we'll put it up on the screen. is this for the mit officer? >> i am assuming that is right, yes. >> in fact the producers told my it is. it just popped up. we'll listen along with our viewers. ♪ and the home of the brave. [ applause ] >> holding a banner that reads watertown raider pride. a lot of pride in that town tonight. >> that is very nice. wow, the support that we have gotten from our community has
4:19 pm
been incredible at this time. i can't say enough about my department and community. >> a lot of love here too, thank you so much. >> he did not have the right to remain silent. he did not have the right to an attorney. officers are not reading the suspects rights in the case. do you know about the exception here and the critism that came with it. who will represent the man in court. that's all ahead. it doesn't matter where a good idea comes from,
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>> investigators say the suspect is in no shape to face questioning regarding the boston bombing. but when he recovers, interrogators will not tell him he has the right to remain silent. the white house decided not to read him miranda rights. he's not getting that. feds are envoking an exception
4:23 pm
to the rule and already the american civil liberties is slamming that decision . we must not waiver from the tried and true judicial system. we'll break down the complicated legal issuings. criminal defense attorney heather hanson is wherulse. >> you catch somebody who might have left a bomb somewhere . you want to keep them safe and question them right now for the public safety. >> that times passed hasn't it. >> the law was in 1984 . that is what it at that time. since then specifically after the times square bombing in 2010, >> attempted. >> the f.b.i. put out a memo that addresses the terrorist cases that they could expand
4:24 pm
the time in which they can question a suspect without reading them their rights. the question is how long of a time is there. we don't know the answer. >> was it not the letter of the law. but was it the intent of the law to stop an imminent threat against the people. for instance times square bomber had blown something out there and had blown something that the authorities needed to know about it >> it is it just a different thing and we don't know if there is someone in chicago and philadelphia and california and that the nature of terrorism is different. we'll expand this exception. this is not the law, shep. it is just a memo . there was talk too. as to whether or not it should go before congress. they fement it appropriate at the time. they could determine if there
4:25 pm
intelligence or not. >> and so they have a good case against this guy. and since you didn't read that anything you can't use against him. they have plenty. >> yeah. >> my question is a bigger one. is the intention to try him in court. it sounded like that from the president. he said courts. >> the military tribunal idea fell out of favor. we have tried 500 cases in the federal court and only a handful of military case . yet lindsay graham and john mccain want him in military court. >> you call him enemy combatant that is taken away a lot of rights. he should be arraigned in 24
4:26 pm
hours and they have made exceptions in the of osama bin laden's son in law and attempted times square bomber f. you are an enemy combatant it could be months before coming to court. >> we learned yesterday thalt f.b.i. had investigated the older brother's possible tie to terror groups and turns out that is not all officials were investigating. there is an investigation right now and the details are ahead. ♪
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angie's list -- reviews you can trust. i love you, angie. sorry, honey. >> community midwest are dealing with severe floods after heavy rain. there is it predict would major flooding this weekend and next week a. not only the mississippi, but dozens of midwestern rivers are over their bankings in six states from missouri to wisconsin. more rain is in store for the places. >> unfortunately on top of the record-setting rain, look at chicago received two and half usual the type they get in a month. looking over 7 inches and unfortunately more rain is on the way. flood advisory posted for a dozens of states as all of the tribitaries get in the
4:31 pm
mississippi. it will be on for much of the spring. we are head start here. look as the other system builds and pushes in the midwest and bringing more rain and more snow if you can believe it. some cases 6-12 inches more snow in the areas that are so done with winter, back to you. >> we are, janice dean thank you so much. >> i am shepherd smith. this is the fox report. it is the bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news and the uncle of the boston terror suspect speaking out saying he is relegaled that the younger brother is still alive. >> i hope he will pull through. he will be able for his own sake. for his own sake to get forgiveness for those who have been harmed and have been hurt.
4:32 pm
from the families of the victims. from martin's family and krystal's family and lindsay's fam dispam the officer. for all 180 who suffered. as i said for his own sake. >> remember the uncle called his nephews loserce and angrily demanded that the younger son turn himself in. he claim that would his older nephew was set against him. the young man called him in 2009 to say he chose god's business over school or work. that the last time they ever spoke to each other. the f.b.i. reports that they investigated his report to groups and eventually released
4:33 pm
him. the f.b.i. releasing a strong statement. >> in 2011, the russian government asked the f.b.i. to investigate the brother because he was a follower of radical islam and a strong believer and changed to leave to the united states to join unspecified under ground groups. the f.b.i. found no evidence of terrorist activity. that is creating unease at the bureau. >> there is a lot of pal paitations in the f.b.i. about what they saw when they looked at this and what did they miss. that will be scutinized. >> tonight fox news is told that the f.b.i. is working through a long laundry list and the former member of the february fib task force said the volume . explosives require a significant and sustained training, shepherd.
4:34 pm
>> you have learned of another investigation going on tonight, right? >> fox new system told that investigators are exploring linkings between the older brother and the cack causus emerate based on the travel to russia in the first half of 20 12 and included dagis stan and chechnya . known for the attacks on the russian trains and moscow airport and conflict with the russian government they were desinated a terrorist community . the group is seen as a fringe player, the state department said the desination of caucuses emerit is in response to the u.s. and rush yampt it illustrates the global nature of the terrorist probable we experience today. that the same year the russia
4:35 pm
government asked the u.s. to investigate whether the older brother had ties to the group. >> catherine harris, good work in washington tonight. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> we'll look at special insight with david williams who is live with us in washington. >> thank you for having me. >> what do you know about this group, and what is your sense of what went wrong two years ago. >> first question, what do i know about the group, very little. everybody who worked counter terrorism is fully aware of the issues that are going on in the caucus of dagis stan and chechnya and there is a lot there. but most of their historic attacks are against the russian entities. they historically have not attacked the united states. that is to establish a level
4:36 pm
of autonny for chechnya and they are part of the global jihadist and sees united states as a primary enemy. i am not sured that they would come to target us. >> from what you learn body how these two separated and accomplish, is it sense it was a training thing or would they have had help with this. >> that is difficult to answer. it would seem there a number much ied's built . it would seem generally they worked and accordingly i think they certainly had training to do that . further more when i watched them march into the scene where they laid down the ied's. they were prepare almost like two soldiers walking down bol ston street to do that. it would seem like they had training on how to lay out an attack plan and follow through with it.
4:37 pm
>> since the attacks of 9/11 in 2001, it a concern that this sort of thing would happen, and that just a couple of lone wolfless might accomplish something on the subway station or somewhere else. is our concern greater today than it a week ago? >> i think the intelligence counter terrorism community is aware . potential of it happening. why it is not happen negligent past we don't know. part of that and i am not just patting the f.b.i. on the back. there is so many plots in the last 10 or 11 years. something like the goalie, bound to get by and it did on monday. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> last night in wattwatt, scow many people huddled in l houses. consider the experience of one woman who hid in her home and her eight year old son
4:38 pm
listening to gunfire. >> it starpting to get surrounded and they yelled at us to get in the house and as i walked through my living room, i heard rapid fire. and that's when i grabbed my son's hand and said i don't want you to hear this. we have to go in the bathroom . we just sat down in the floor and told him we would be okay. you will hear more gunshots and small blasts and i flushed the toilet so he would not hear it. i heard them yell down my drive way. i didn't know if there would be gunfire and i laidd over my son and i didn't want him to know how scared i was. i laid over him and i sobbed for a minute. my phone started to ring and
4:39 pm
my cousin said they caught him and i could go out . i didn't believe her and so i crawled out of the bathroom to peek at my television and when i did that, i saw how much enforcement was out here and i came out of the bathroom and brought him out with me. [ applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> what gave me closure, the officer walked by and i said are you a happy officer and he gave me thumbs up a big smile and then i know they got him, it is done. >> one woman's experience with her eight year old flushing the toilet so the child would not hear. they are okay . recovering with a night of gunfire and ended with wild cheers. >> and just into fox newings. a photy of the boat in the center of the stand off. our station in boston that
4:40 pm
un-- inval automobile. the boat with the blue tarp over it . this is where the marathone you can see blood on one sphot. first time i am seeing it along with you. there is it blood on the outside of it . we are not sure whether that got there as he got ninety-two in i hide or authorities bringing him out. that is the spot it ended for him and his life of freedom is most likely over . while police searched for suspects. there heart break in texas. today, a major announcement for the hundreds of families that had to evacuate. >> that's next. mine was earned in djibouti, africa, 2004.
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alright, right in the old bucket. good toss! see that's much better! that was good. you had your shoulder pointed, you kept your eyes on your target. let's do it again -- watch me. ♪ [ male announcer ] pass down something he will be grateful for. the rdable midsi passat. and you'll be grateful right now during springtoberfest where you can lease one of four different volkswagen models for under $200 a month. that's the power of german engineering. >> the attack in boston overshadied the massive deadly
4:44 pm
explosion at a fertilizer plant in texas. some folks may be able to come back home. >> it is safe, it is safe, it is safe for our citizens. >> of course, many people, no longer have a home after wednesday's blast in the stave west, outside of dallas. >> i can't hear. i can't hear. get out of here, please. >> that explosion level would dozens of houses and killed 14 people and hurt 200 otherings. folks said they could hear that blast 40 miles away . today a paramedic and said leaking gas tankings triggered new fires and down played the threat of another deadly blast. >> dominic? >> shep, the thought of another explosion in the town traumatized of the blast on
4:45 pm
wednesday struck fear. people are terrified they could be hurt again. there are no leaks and that is allaying the fears here and the faces of the dead started to emerge and the names of 10 of the 14 bodies that so far have been recovered. most affected is the volunteer fire department and acting fire chief is the son of the fire chief who was injured and in the hospital in dallas. george noris junior said he was too emotional to talk about the fate -- state of his father. >> a lot of the chaplain from the other departments are talk get off of your chest and let you know they are here to upon had us and work through this is not an overnight fix it is going to be you know, a drawn out fix i guess you could say . they are here to support us
4:46 pm
and help us get back up. >> and shep, just a few moments ago, the assistant fire marshall of the town doesn't know what the cause of the original fire . in the past few hours it was possible to acsess the site. >> old glory on display in fen way park this afternoon. the sox at home for the first time since the attack and paying tribute to the volunteers and victims and rescuer worker of the bombing. >> this is our city. he add a city. sports helping to held a town and nation . next . ♪
4:47 pm
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>> less than a week after the bombings in boston. 36,000 runners hit the streets of london for that city's big marathon. security police increased 40 percent for the event. that means more officers and sniffing dogs on hand and hundreds of thousands of spectators expected to line the route. british officials say there is no change to want threat level but london is noer to terror attacks. with us is mike, the daily national sphorts editor. i wonder if they will pull this thing off? >> marathoners are a tribe and so when something as horrible of what happened in boston, happened. they will put more emphasis and more security. but people wanting to run and show support for the people of boston and marathonerings. >> did they have cancellations >> i am sure people got cold feet. but in terps of people wanting
4:51 pm
to show support they are wanting to do it. >> they are ready for this. >> the increased presence . police officer and heart and soul of the people running the maraton. >> two of the boston sports teams . they are honoring the marathon bombing victims in the city today. at the sox game players and fans sang the national anthem. ♪ ♪ banner yet wave. ♪ orch land of the free. ♪ and the home of the brave. [ applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> i on the streets last night as the partying began mike, and their resilience is
4:52 pm
impressive. >> it is impressive and you saw the first night and the garden game with the bruins. building up and spinging the anthem and the red sox game and the crowd getting into it singing the anthem and then neal diamond singing sweet carrolline and the song at yankees stadium and a show of support. boston really bringing itsan them. >> red sox anthem being sun in yankees stadium on enemy ground. it a great show of support by the yankees fannings. >> a similar thing happened in fen way. for folks in new york. it is funny how these two cities loathe each other teams have so much in common. >> and even saw in madison square garden. carmelo anthony and paul pierce saying before the start of the game. there boos when paul started
4:53 pm
to speak but not was drowned out with cheers it all boils down we are in this together. >> and. knicks. the celtics have the veteran players and have garnet and doc rivers and knickings right behind the heat. they will have their hands full with the celtics this go around. >> america's team blackout happened in brooklyn. >> america's team to you. >> go nets. thank you, mike. this time the police had cornered the second suspect and unfolding live during the fox report. an update on the 24 hours since then. from the suspect's medical condition and to where the investigation goes from here.
4:54 pm
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chargings for the surviving boston suspect could come tonight. that is the latest from the justice department. right now special interrogation teams are in the hospital to question the suspect. he is still unconscious and in serious condition. moments ago, we got a new picture of the boat in which the suspect was hiding it splattered with blood and filled with bullet holes. jennifer davis is wrapping up the scene tonight. >> shep, city streets and asked walks and parks bustling. they are showing what it means to be boston strong . the latest word is that the suspect remain hospital in serious and stable condition still unable to communicate before the manhunt ended when he was discovered blood
4:58 pm
yehiding out in watertown. he has not been charged and we are waiting for more on the justice department on how they plan to proceed amid controversy and how they think it should proceed and still no word. at the same time crime scene in the marathon finish line and in wattwattcontinue to be processed for evidence and investigators are looking for a motive and better understanding of the brothers working alone or not and when they became radicalized. >>s thank you. >> and on this day in 1999 two senior necessary trench coats killed 12 students and a teacher the attackers were 17 year old eric harris and
4:59 pm
klebold. >> and the there another senior arrested in the high school after he threaten tod finish the job. school shootings have not gone away. in 2007 the gunmen took the lives of 32 people in virginia tech . last year 26 kimed in sandy hook. but the gruesome day in columbine i will never forget 14 years ago today . now you know the news thisfor saturday april 20th. i am shepherd smith. our thank togs our friends in wxtx

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